How to be an entrepreneur?

How to be an entrepreneur
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The literal definition of an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. But, through the years, being an entrepreneur is more than just starting one’s own business. It is a mindset. Companies all over the world are looking for employees with an entrepreneurial mindset. Being an entrepreneur comes with a few pre-requisites of willingness to take risks, motivation, passion, and more, but can entrepreneurship be taught?

While there are many books and articles on entrepreneurship, one of the main characteristics of an entrepreneur is the drive to do. The best way to become an entrepreneur is to learn from real-life scenarios and first-hand practical experience. The market is ever-evolving and, so are the needs and wants of a consumer, and being an entrepreneur in 2020 requires one to be familiar with the market and its nuances.

How to gain practical experience?

An entrepreneur requires to be self-driven, passionate, flexible, and an exceptional salesperson. The best way to develop the traits of an entrepreneur is to learn by experience and work under the guidance of an intrapreneur to understand the art of selling, networking, management, leadership, and more!

Sadhan Enterprise (I) Private Limited is inviting intrapreneurs to intern with the team and learn market scaling and B2B engagement for 12 weeks, with an opportunity of earning certificates, recommendations, and a stipend of Rs. 20,000.

  • Networking: Networking is the most integral aspect of being an entrepreneur. Learn to maintain healthy relationships with the vendors, getting references, and onboarding new vendors.
  • Management: Work with a team of expert project managers and learn market scaling, business to business sales, and vendor management.
  • Experience: Sadhan is an innovative micro-entrepreneurship digital platform in the B2B demand-supply space. Work with one of the fastest-growing startups, be a part of its growth, and learn market scaling from practical experience for your future startup!
  • Risk Management: Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of risks. Understanding the market, laying out plans, and managing the market risks is one of the key skills that an entrepreneur needs to be proficient at. Learn risk management while you understand the functionings of an expanding business.

Start your startup journey with one of the best internship experiences full of learning and get certified working with Sadhan Enterprise (I) Private Limited.

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