Tools for a Marketer- Steps to Learn, Develop and Experience Marketing

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If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”- General George Patton

Marketing as a career doesn’t really require to be marketed about. With companies looking to forever expand their portfolios and make inroads into newer markets, the order of the day demands new marketers who can bring something different to the table. Now from the economics point of view, it is evident that there is a healthy demand. But more and more students are thinking of marketing as a career option and so the necessity to be out of the box is paramount these days. So here is a guide to all those efforts you can make a pursuing marketing management student and boost your resume to aid your career aspirations.

Research is Important!!

I guess there is this usual myth that marketing is all about content and not number crunching stuff like analytics or finance. Well this is not true. Marketers need to be well versed with numbers and making sense out of random data helps marketers to chalk out their strategies. Projects involving surveys, research and analysing those results help you grow as a marketer more than anything else. After all, without numbers how will you know what works and what not!!

The Pitch Matters..

No matter how experienced you get or how high you are up the corporate ladder, marketing has to end with the sale of your product/service. The beginning of the marketing journey always starts with sales and convincing the entity on the opposite side of your table has to be your game. Engaging in activities and practices that boosts your selling acumen should be a high priority. For any marketer his efforts need to be Pitch-Perfect!!

Content is King

In a world where digital is taking over anything, it becomes necessary to fire up your creative sparks and conjure innovative content every time. Marketing channels have diversified massively and dedicated content is a must to succeed through every channel. As a budding marketer it is important to observe these media and especially gain some experience with social media. As they say, what trends that sells!!

Influence your Way through

How often have you heard that the most critical component in marketing is Word of Mouth? Well that’s what influence is. As a marketer it is your job to make others believe in your product/service and further endorse it. A marketer should be able to make the consumers believe in his products. In fact most companies all over the world have accepted that influence marketing is crucial to the endeavours going forward and thus budding marketers like you should be prepared to ace it. You need to get the people talking about the product and that is what every marketer aims for.

Branding Works

Companies are always looking to ensure that they are the top in their fields. And that is the reason why organizations always aim to create a brand of their products. However the job of a marketer to create brands is definitely not easy, so budding marketers need to actively look for opportunities to hone their skills in this area. Co Branding is an useful initiative for this and collaboration between organizations to gain traction is considered important marketing tools. Young marketing enthusiasts actively look for scope in this area and this definitely provides valuable knowledge going forward!

The best thing is there are plenty of stuff available in all these areas and brings to you active live projects that help you to acclimatize with all these skills.

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