Unemployed? 5 Steps to Rejuvenate your Career!!

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“The trouble with Unemployment is that the Minute you Wake up in the Morning, You are on the JOB!!”

Unemployment is a disease, they say. Especially if you are in India, where the unemployment rate is as high as 3.6%, it becomes imperative to be aware of this malicious bug. But then this was the bad part. All is never lost and doom. And no matter how many little modifications you make to your resume or those little changes to your LinkedIn profile, you might want to try these steps to be proactive and stay ahead in the game.

  1. Well, first things first!! Assuming you do have a LinkedIn profile and an updated resume (please have those if you don’t yet, Definitely), the next step would be to look for ways to add to your resume. The best and certainly the obvious approach to this will be to enhance your knowledge pool and upgrade your skills. This can be very easily achieved with various certification courses. Certificates massively add to your CV and there is a pool of courses available in the market online. You can update your technological skills or learn ways about a new domain while you are looking for jobs on the web. It is as simple as that.
  2. Let us come to the second point then. As clichéd as it might sound, a blunt sword will never be in demand. So a better way to go about this would be to stay in the mix. Freelancing is a wonderful option where you can associate with projects short term. Freelancing lets you be sharp, adds worthwhile experience and hey, extra money doesn’t hurt, especially when times are tough to get by!! The best part? With platforms like OysterConnect.com, there isn’t a dearth of opportunities out there for you to freelance.
  3. The next part to stay in business would be to have your contacts ready. Networking is a very potent tool and the better the reach the more chances that you land yourself the job that you are looking for. Often it so happens that there are chances, vacancies in the jobpool but lack of knowledge hinders your scope. So it would be wise to go through LinkedIn, be active, attend job fairs and maintain cordial relations with your previous contacts. Your past behaviour and your future approach will always have a big say in your present endeavours. Oh, and don’t forget to carry your business card!! Always.
  4. Well what next then? We have been taught from our early days that it is always good to know more. A little brush up, here and there, is bound to help your cause. It would wise to try to stay relevant then, update yourself about the industry happenings, a bit more insight of the current sociographic and political surroundings. You never know when the next interview is around the corner, so the best way would be to stay prepared for the same.
  5. This digital and technological age make it possible to always be in the game with all the above mentioned resources available online, easy and simple. But the most important step is to stay motivated and upbeat for the next opportunity. Be in the right frame of mind, involve socially and stay active, volunteer for activities. The best results come to those who stay visible and don’t pull out.

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